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Walk Your Talk Alignment

At intégrow, we know leadership is the strongest predictor of business success. Leaders who walk their talk ignite transformation and build flourishing organizations. Authentic, intentional leaders make the company’s mission statement personal by acting as role models who live it. When strategic thinking meets relationship building, the workplace moves from just a place to earn a paycheck to an inspiring environment where employees join leadership in “walking their talk.” The organization thrives.

Working with intégrow, you will discover a respectful partner who will ignite your aspirations, assess your potential and empower you to transform your organization. Expect improved performance, elevated quality and achieved goals. Next, we will implement a workable plan to sustain growth and advancement toward future milestones. Measurable outcomes will validate the transformation taking place.

If you want to be known as an organization of leaders who walk their talk, intégrow is for you. Our affordable, practical process aligns your organization’s vision and values with leaders who succeed. You can be more resilient, more creative and more engaged. Learn how with intégrow.

aspire. assess. transform. sustain.

Walk Your Talk for Organizations

Transformational change may begin at the organizational level, but it always is sustained at the human level. Walk Your Talk for Organizations ignites employees’ energy and focuses it today and for the future. Assessment and action planning create an environment in which employees invest themselves in building the organization, increasing loyalty and innovation. We will track accountability measures to ensure sustainable development.

Walk Your Talk for Executive Teams

Eighty percent of employee behavior is driven by what top management says, does and rewards. Employees rally behind executives who lead with confidence and integrity. They, in turn, also commit themselves to cognitive, social and moral development to build your company. Our engaging assessments will reveal the collective strengths and vulnerabilities driving the leadership culture of your organization. By facilitating action- planning and commitment to best practices, we set priorities for change. And, we stay with you by reviewing larger goals as you celebrate each benchmark.

Walk Your Talk for Leaders

The key to igniting your team’s passion is working with leaders who live “Walk Your Talk:” Our process helps sharpen your leadership style as you empower your team to help you succeed. Based on intégrow’s research, “Walk Your Talk” is the most consistent measure of ethical leadership and integrity. We listen to individuals who experience your leadership on a day-to-day basis, then use the insights we collect to assist you in unlocking your true leadership potential. It will change relationships in all areas of your life. We also follow up with our in-depth, unique coaching process to sustain growth and change as we address emerging possibilities. Measurable, ongoing accountabilities will ensure effective transformation continues.

“Janyne’s approach was very helpful for me to think ‘big picture’… to think in terms of concrete actions for me to get out of bad patterns of procrastination. I trust that she wants to help me grow and develop. She really tries to get into my world, and I value the expertise she brings to me. I have been more systematic, and I recognize the relationship and emotional intelligence growth taking place.”

Donna Dong

Director, Multi-Ethnic/Multicultural Ministry,
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada

“As I accepted new opportunities, much of what I bring to organizations relates to what I learned from Janyne and a previous partnership with her. I have recruited people who responded well to her programs — people who she had a hand in developing. That’s a strong statement. We have confidence in people who have benefited from Janyne’s counsel.”

Frank Shannon

Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive