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Why intégrow?

We’re Experts

We have years of solid experience in feedback administration. You can count on us to be a reliable partner for all the surveys your organization needs to conduct.

  • You’ll save money. You don’t have to purchase any software or hardware, and our survey administration fees are priced very competitively.
  • You’ll save time. You can focus on other priorities while our team takes care of the details of running your surveys.
  • You’ll get your survey the way you want it. We’ll set up the project according to your specifications.
  • You can relax. Our experienced team will make sure your project goes smoothly, and we’ll keep you updated on respondent progress throughout the process.
  • You’ll get the results you need — on time. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and your reports will be delivered just the way you want them.
  • Respondents can feel safe. All assessment data are confidential and anonymous, and everything is stored off-site.
  • Respondents get easy access to their assessments. Because the questionnaires are delivered over the web, participants can complete them from anywhere at any time — all they need is an Internet connection.

And when you work with us, we manage all the details.
We know how to create quality survey components…so you don’t have to.

We’ll work with you to gather the information needed for your project:

  • Participants. Names of individuals, team or organization to receive feedback (subjects) along with those who will provide feedback (respondents).
  • Rater Relationships. How each respondent is related to a given subject. Examples: Manager, Peer, Direct Report
  • Survey Items. Select from our extensive library or provide your own list of competencies.
  • Scales. The unit of measurement used in the assessment, a scale includes a question stem with descriptors. You can include multiple scales in the same survey. Examples: Agreement, Satisfaction, Importance
  • Open-ended Questions. Collect open-ended responses at any point in the survey. In addition to traditional summary questions as the end of the survey, you can get optional explanatory comments for each item or category.

We’re Flexible

We can provide all types of surveys.Because we’re able to customize almost every aspect of a project, we can help you collect feedback for just about anything. With such unprecedented flexibility, we can provide assessment services in all these applications:

  • Measuring performance improvement. Use before and after training to determine if the skills taught in class transfer to improved performance.
  • Leadership development. Diagnose skill strengths and areas for development of executives, managers and supervisors.
  • Managers’ coaching skills. Find out how effective managers are at coaching their direct reports about on-the-job performance.
  • Individual skill development. Have team members give each other feedback about personal leadership, team interaction and workplace skills.
  • Team development. Assess team issues by collecting input from a variety of stakeholders.
  • Needs assessment. Study aggregate performance data to decide how much to invest for training and development programs.
  • Competency development. Get feedback about draft competency lists. Ask stakeholders to rate the importance of the behaviors.
  • Organizational climate surveys. Collect information about your organization’s vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.
  • Post-training survey of organizational support. Survey participants of your training programs to find out if the current policies and systems support the application of new skills.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys. Get feedback from customers to find out what you need to change to create loyal customers.

We’ve Got the Goods

Massive Survey Library

Our extensive Survey Library contains over 1,200 survey items. These may be used “as is” or customized to fit the requirements of your organization. We can also add your survey items to the Library.

Every item in the three Leadership surveys (Executive, Team and Personal) has an associated document for the leader containing:

  • What a low rating in this item might mean
  • Specific recommendations for improving in this area
  • Recommended resources

Impressive Reporting Capabilities

We can generate dozens of customized reports with our powerful reporting engine.

  • Report formats. Select from dozens of report templates or we’ll create customized formats for you. We can print report sections in any sequence you like and insert customized text pages anywhere in the report.
  • Report printing. We can print your reports to a PDF file or a hard copy. We can also email the PDF report to feedback recipients.
  • Narrative Comments. Include end-of-survey, open-ended responses. Incorporate explanatory comments for each item rated, or have a survey with comment-only items.
  • Comparison Reports. Compare scores from earlier assessments with current ones to measure improvement in performance.
  • Consolidated Reports. We can combine data from multiple projects to produce summary data for the entire organization.

Resources for Learners

Extensive Individual Development Tools

We make it easy to facilitate individual planning and development.

No other feedback provider combines assessment with these resources to help feedback recipients create and implement an individual development plan — at no extra charge!

1. Self-Development Toolkit: 10 Strategies and 10 Tools to Help You Improve Your Performance

This 31-page eBook coaches individual learners to use fundamental time-tested strategies and tools. You can distribute copies FREE to each person receiving feedback and purchase copy licenses for all other employees very economically. In addition, learners have permission to print copies of the worksheets for their own use.

2. Online Performance Analysis

This interactive web-based tool presents an online version of several elements in the Toolkit. Its purpose is to help learners to discover the “why’s” behind ratings they received:

  • Self-assessment. The person answers 16 questions to determine possible reasons for a performance problem.
  • Reports that show which performance factors are the major reasons for the problem: Self-awareness, Ability, Motivation or Support.
  • General developmental activities to improve performance.

“I would recommend Janyne to anyone who is going through a transition — technical or mergers or combining companies — anywhere there is a sizable amount of change. Janyne has the ability to define all the aspects that need to be considered when figuring out how the new unit can be most successful — what are the steps, etc. She has that knowledge and know-how and can put transformation into action. I think she can help people who think they are doing well. She can help them do even better. It’s definitely money well spent.”

Frank Shannon

Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive