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Why 20/20 Insight GOLD?

Easy to Facilitate

We make it easy to facilitate individual planning and development.

No other feedback provider combines assessment with these resources to help feedback recipients create and implement an individual development plan — at no extra charge!

1. Self-Development Toolkit: 10 Strategies and 10 Tools to Help You Improve Your Performance

This 31-page eBook coaches individual learners to use fundamental time-tested strategies and tools. You can distribute copies FREE to each person receiving feedback and purchase copy licenses for all other employees very economically. In addition, learners have permission to print copies of the worksheets for their own use.

2. Online Performance Analysis

This interactive web-based tool presents an online version of several elements in the Toolkit. Its purpose is to help learners to discover the “why’s” behind ratings they received:

  • Self-assessment. The person answers 16 questions to determine possible reasons for a performance problem.
  • Reports that show which performance factors are the major reasons for the problem: Self-awareness, Ability, Motivation or Support.
  • General developmental activities to improve performance.

Easy to Use

Assessments are so easy to use that no instruction is required for participants.

Customizable instructions screens make the process simple for feedback recipients (subjects) and respondents.

Web-based assessments make it convenient for participants to access their survey from anywhere, day or night, using any type of Internet connection. And some of the people in your organization don’t have access to the Internet, a paper-based option is available.

Subjects…when selecting respondents

We can assign respondents for each feedback recipient (subject); or if you prefer, you can permit subjects to select their own respondents.

We’re able to give subjects any combination of the following permissions:

  • Select names from a list you provide
  • De-select names from a list you provide
  • Add names and email addresses of individuals they would like to include as respondents

Respondents…when completing their assessments

Survey participants access their assessments online with a secure username and password.

Flexible settings let us include one item per page or all items for a given category on a single page.

Respondents can answer just a few questions, save what they’ve done, and return later to respond to the rest.

Upon completion of their questionnaires, participants can review their responses for each question on a single page. They can make changes until we take the project off-line.