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Walk Your Talk Alignment

Sync your ethics initiatives with the leadership behaviors employees experience on a day to day basis.

Walk your talk. It’s the most frequent definition employees give when defining integrity.

Our proven four-stage framework aligns your leaders’ behaviors to your organization’s core values — a key goal of any successful ethics program.


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“Janyne directed our focus group. She set out to learn why our customers were doing business with us.

As the technical center, we began to recognize that we are each other’s internal customers. Janyne got us thinking about how we would treat each other if we were external customers. With that mentality, we kicked off focus groups. We brought the operations and sales folks out, and we went through how we could do a better job. Corporate headquarters took notice that we had our act together. It elevated us as the premier tech center. Janyne helped that happen.”

Frank Shannon

Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive