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Client Testimonials

“I would recommend Janyne for firms that are a little disorganized or siloed- those with great people and great products, but they can’t put it all together. Janyne has a knack for knowing all the angles and reaching people to find out what might be hampering them from hitting on all cylinders, then defining the issues and steps to resolve them.”

Frank Shannon, Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive

“I’m definitely a linear thinker — plan, do, see, act — and Janyne communicates to us that way. Her proposal is concrete and she offers a real business approach. She gets how people think, how projects work, how business works. She has a very good business sense about her, while not being boring, dry and bureaucratic. I will easily recommend Janyne to organizations. She does what she says she will do.”

David Rebmann, VP/CFO, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

“I would recommend Janyne to anyone who is going through a transition — technical or mergers or combining companies — anywhere there is a sizable amount of change. Janyne has the ability to define all the aspects that need to be considered when figuring out how the new unit can be most successful — what are the steps, etc. She has that knowledge and know-how and can put transformation into action. I think she can help people who think they are doing well. She can help them do even better. It’s definitely money well spent!”

Frank Shannon, Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive  

“Janyne directed our focus group. She set out to learn why our customers were doing business with us. As the technical center, we began to recognize that we are each other’s internal customers. Janyne got us thinking about how we would treat each other if we were external customers. With that mentality, we kicked off focus groups. We brought the operations and sales folks out, and we went through how we could do a better job. Corporate headquarters took notice that we had our act together. It elevated us as the premier tech center. Janyne helped that happen.”

Frank Shannon, Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive  

“Janyne’s approach was very helpful for me to think “big picture”…to think in terms of concrete actions for me to get out of bad patterns of procrastination. I trust that she wants to help me grow and develop. She really tries to get into my world, and I value the expertise she brings to me. I have been more systematic, and I recognize the relationship and emotional intelligence growth taking place.”

Donna Dong
Director, Multi-Ethnic/Multicultural Ministry, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada

“As I accepted new opportunities, much of what I bring to organizations relates to what I learned from Janyne and a previous partnership with her. I have recruited people who responded well to her programs — people who she had a hand in developing. That’s strong statement. We have confidence in people who have benefited from Janyne’s counsel.”

Frank Shannon, Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive  

“Because of her training in education, Janyne is always looking at things from the learner’s perspective. That enables her to be an outstanding presenter. She engages the audience and draws them in. She sees things from their side and has the skills to deliver what they need.”

Beverly Kracher, Ph.D., Executive Director, Business Ethics Alliance
Robert B. Daugherty, Endowed Chair, Professor of Business Ethics & Society
Creighton University

“Janyne makes it her business to get to know your business and the individuals with whom she is working. We reached out to her for the knowledge she brings to organizations. What makes her most special is her skills to help people see themselves through the lens of positive change. First and foremost, she is an expert in gathering information — surveys, 360° Feedback and coaching. But, unlike many consultants, she takes leadership in creating the documents and initiating communication. The way she shares fully in the ownership of the projects makes the difference. Plus, she is likeable. She gets people to trust her, and they value her guidance.”

Kathy Bachner, VP, HR, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

“Janyne’s main task was to work with our leadership team, first to understand what we envisioned for the future. As soon as that was defined, she created a vision and mission statement. She started with the executive team and worked her way to the next level and the next. Everyone was in lockstep.  Janyne coached us to move us forward in a direction where everyone was much more cheerful and happy to come to work. We transformed a warehouse into a high-powered tech center that could be toured. Janyne really helped transition the environment.”

Frank Shannon, Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive (WYT Orgs)

“I recommend Janyne because of her approach, her professionalism, her knowledge. She has the ability to listen, then formulate the proper questions. She knows what to ask and is not afraid to deliver what you need to hear. With your cooperation, Janyne can definitely take you and your organization to the next level.”

Keith Taylor, Senior Pastor, Church of the Nazarene, Newmarket, Ontario

“Janyne is adding more value, breaking down silos and getting us to work together as a real team. I can’t speak highly enough of her. She has been a great help to me with the 360° Feedback, her coaching and advising. She has really helped me grow as a leader by earning my trust and respect. We have developed a mutual relationship, and her advice is spot-on.”

Ken Innami, Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Innovation,
Mitsubishi Electric Automatic, Inc.

“Janyne was an amazing executive coach during a time of massive change, not only in my organization, but also concerning how we fit in the overall human resources industry. I needed outside guidance and counsel on several fronts in order to preserve and grow the business for the future, amidst the HR profession and the general economy. Janyne is a person of the highest integrity. She builds trust, processes quickly and comes back immediately with valuable and usable data.”

Nikki Teik, Owner & President, Ossanna Consulting Group

“Janyne seems to rise to every occasion that comes up. She is a multi-talented individual who customizes her expertise and her resources to fit your need.”

Paul Bramer, Director, Tyndale Seminary

“With Janyne, you get the total package. She certainly is very knowledgeable of the subject matter. She is very personable, easy to talk to and that’s across the board — not just with one individual — all of our senior leaders have had a favorable experience.”

Matt Lopinski, Vice President of Industrial Automation Division, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

“I worked with Janyne at an organization and saw the value she brought to our leadership team. She was able to control and guide the group and keep people from derailing the conversation and process. Janyne can go toe-to-toe in a very professional manner. She has a passion for affecting transformation. When she sees ways to make an organization better, she cannot restrain herself, and her enthusiasm is very contagious. Not only does she bring passion, she is able to speak super intelligently at all levels within the organization.”

Frank Shannon, Virtual Disaster Recovery Executive

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