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Igniting Transformation in Organizations

Leadership is the strongest predictor of business success. Leaders who walk their talk ignite transformation and build flourishing organizations. Authentic, intentional leaders make the company’s mission statement personal by acting as role models who live it.

When strategic thinking meets relationship building, the workplace moves from just a place to earn a paycheck to an inspiring environment where employees join leadership in “walking their talk.” The organization thrives.

Be more resilient, more creative and more engaged.
Learn how with intégrow.

Best Practices

  • Walk Your Talk Alignment for Organizations
  • Walk Your Talk Alignment for Executive Teams
  • Walk Your Talk Alignment for Individual Leaders


  • Leading with Integrity: The Power of Walking your Talk
  • Riding the Rapids of Change
  • Can Organizations Develop If Individuals Don’t?
    Linking Organizational Change with Leadership Development


  • 360° Feedback
  • Executive Coaching
  • DIY Feedback Software for Organizations
  • Leadership Development Curriculum

360° Feedback

Assessments for leaders,
and surveys for teams and organizations

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walk your talk

For organizations, executive teams and individual leaders

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Employment Assessment

The Achiever, benchmarked pre-employment and pre-promotion assessment

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Ethics Consulting

Link your ethics initiatives with intégrow’s transformational consulting

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“Janyne is a great catalyst in getting issues on the table in a way our executive team could not have accomplished alone.
She has a unique ability to help us feel comfortable in opening up, sharing and listening to new ways to approach our business. There is a genuine depth to the conversation, one-on-one and also within the team. I am definitely seeing people stretch. I recommend Janyne for her skills and the effect she will have your organization, if you open your door to her.”

David Rebmann

VP/CFO, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.